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The Bible of Language Learners and Polyglots & The Polyglot Project

biblia_polyglot_defRegistration for the Polyglot Project 2016 volume 2 and The Bible of Language learners and Polyglots is currently open. There are available spots haven’t been claimed yet. In 2016 we will have a second edition of each one besides other guests, start right now writing yours! 

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Share your story and passion for languages with the world!

What is the Polyglot Project?

“This project was headed by Claude Cartaginese, who gathered the advice from dozens of “youtube polyglots, hyper-polyglots, linguists, language learners and language lovers” and put them all in this one book, which is free to everyone.The advice given in these pages is quite interesting and extremely varied!


ou have everything from brief to-the-point advice, to short biographies… to long biographies, and to inspirational stories. There are lots of language learners I have been in touch with including Moses McCormick, Stujay and Anthony Lauder (all of whom also contributed to the Language Hacking Guide), as well as several others that I have talked with… and even some I’ve argued with.”(Benny Lewis – Fluent in Three Months)

Now after contacting the first editor we decided to re-edit this fantastic book, and keep it free, maintaining some stories and adding others.

We’re really looking forward to receiving your stories.

We still need editors, people to check typos and grammar, designers. As it’s a free and big project, every single help is more than welcome.
Contact us thru the e-mail in the picture.

You can have an idea about the project by reading the first edition:

Polyglot Project First EditionFree


Registration for the Polyglot Project 2016 is currently closed.

You have to write an essay based on the ones you can read on the link above, the minimum number of pages: is 3 and the maximum is 10. Font: Times New Roman      Size: 12       Space: 1 and 1/2 format  .Docx

Essays with more than 10 pages will be revised and reduced by our own criteria, if you send a such an irregular file you are allowing us to cut and edit everything we consider inappropriate or extra. Files on the correct size, can also be edited to check (by a Native English teacher) to avoid typos or mistakes.

Deadline: Send it as soon as possible, our intention is to have the paperback version ready and printed at the next Polyglot Gathering in Berlin 5-8 may 2016, the paperback will be to sell, just to cover the costs of edition, after and at the end of May (or even before) the free version in pdf, mobi and epub will be available. Don’t take too long, as we have a limit of pages to get it affordable for the paperback, the sooner the better. Guarantee your story on the “Polyglot Project”

Where should I send my files?

Registration for the Polyglot Project 2016 is currently closed.

Every document should be sent to the email on the picture.