Some questions about the My Polyglot (Credits to the questions 1, 2: Olly Richards from www.iwillteachyoualanguage.com)

1-What’s the aim of the podcast? 

 1- To inspire different people from different countries, in different languages;

2 – Give an opportunity for the polyglots to speak a language other than English, we always complain that in country X or Y, people do not want to practice with us, now you will have this possibilities (Dutch people are welcome to interview ;-)) .

3- Serve as a source of easy listening for beginners, or those who only want to review and train the listening.

2- If every episode is in a different language, who will be the audience?

The audience are polyglots in general, language learners, and people from different countries that want to be a polyglot or even learn their first language, and when I say every episode in a different language this means the most common ones. 

Your feedback is always welcome! You can download the episode for free here in the website and on iTunes.

3-who can take part on this project?

Everyone, yes, everyone, it does not matter if you speak one language besides your mother tongue or 20. You can be a hyper polyglot, a polyglot, trilingual, bilingual or just a linguaphile (that are those know do not particularly speak any language, but knows a lot about them).

4-Do you have only one host and presenter?

No, Jimmy Mello is the host, but you can be either the intervier or the interviewee. That, is you can contact us, and offer yourself as a guest, or you can even take your mobile phone and interview a friend of yours, a relative or whoever you share a language with. And if the audio quality is good enough to be published, it will get in our post queue and post it. You are including allowed to promote yourself, your products or services.

5-Once interviewed or after sending the audio (to the podcast) or video  (to my polyglot TV), how long will it take to be online?

This will depend on a lot of factors, ‘coz we have lots of episodes recorded in advance to guarantee the program frequency, but if your interviewee has a subject that is important to be shared ASAP, like an event, a workshop or a Gathering, we can do some arrangements to skip the queue. Otherwise from 30 to 60 days.

6-Are there only interviews?

No, we are working on the best language challenge on the internet, called My Polyglot Language Challenge, on a Book called “The New Polyglot Project” and on a radio to get specific answers to your questions, music, and much more.