(Spanish) Nikolay Shindarov co-founder of Polyglot Space app


Nikolay Shindarov & Jimmy Mello

“They are a small team dedicated to developing methods for fun and efficient language learning. They believe that gamificationcan be the tool that will provoke the evolution of learning and create study environment matching our lifestyle in the IT era. Their first project is a game called Space Polyglot and it is about learning foreign languages while playing on your phone!

Space Polyglot

IMG_7099Space Polyglot is a 2D educational game that will teach you new words and phrases completely effortless while you are flying around the solar system with your spacecraft. We use the basics of an unique method for effortless and unintentional learning called Suggestopedia involving unusual psychological approaches for stimulating the subconscious memorizing. It renders memorizing effortless and more efficient. The number one rule in our approach is “DO NOT TRY TO REMEMBER ANYTHING!”.

IMG_7097They have managed to combine parts of this method with the positive effects of gamification, which will radically speed up the learning process. With Space Polyglot we want to set the foundations of a e-learninnig platform that can fully facilitate language learning.” (Source: space polyglot.com accessed on  29th of July 2016)

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You can download the free version on www.spacepolyglot.com (Android & iOs)