(Spanish) Dragoș Luca – 19 years old “polygloteen” from Romania to the world


             Dragoș Luca and Jimmy Mello

This interview is part of the new series from Polyglot Gathering 2016, this week’s guest is the talented Dragoș Luca, here is Dragoș Luca by Dragoș Luca: “My name is Dragoș Luca. I’m 19 years old and I’m Romanian.I was born on the 3rd January 1997 in the city of Iași, but I moved to Agazzano, Italy when I was 2,5 years old.

After 1 year I moved to Piacenza, Italy and lived there 9 years until I was 12 years old.
Then we moved to Lugano, Switzerland. There I started studying as an electronics engineer when I was 16.
At 18 we moved again to the north, this time near Zurich. From March until August I did a German language course and then I continued with the school I began in Lugano.
I love learning languages, eating sushi and beatboxing. I like reading, writing stories and playing chess.
I speak Italian and Romanian as my native languages. I started learning English when I was little and started learning French and German at 11 years old. I always liked languages, but my real language journey began on July 2013 after being inspired by Tim Doner‘s video. I started with Arabic, then Persian and then other languages came along.
Now, 3 years later, I can speak Spanish and Dutch at a beginner level, although I can understand a lot more, good English and German and I try to keep my French at an A2-B1 level.
Now I started learning Croatian and this will be my project for this year and then, from January 2017 until the next Gathering I want to learn Swedish.” You can get in touch with him @alaric_polyglot on Instagram.
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