How can you learn a language quickly?


I’m a chameleon I have to adapt myself to the world. Do it yourself!

I guess many of you come to Mypolyglot to get this answer, we have interviewed the best polyglots in the world. If you have listened to them carefully maybe you know the right answer. If not I will write about it.

The Olympic Games are getting closer, they will take place in Brazil, more specially in Rio. Have you ever followed their training routine? It’s really nice when we see them performing on the stage, field or wherever, isn’t it? Well, image you are face to face with your favourite athlete, would you ask him/her “How can I do what you do quickly?”? Supposing you asked him/her what would be the answer?

a- Oh, that’s pretty easy I train only when I have time, but I pass most of my time with friends doing other things.

b-Oh, I spend two hours weekly in a kind of school, after I go home and do/make some exercises, and here I am.

c- Oh, that’s a good question, but there is no answer to it, as “quick” is not a good word for achieving professional goals.

d- You will never be like me, simply give up, I was blessed by God, nobody else can reproduce what I do.

Now, it’s your turn, are you able to guess the answer? a,b,c or d? If you answered “a” you are right, this is what most people do, but this will take you to nowhere. So, besides being “right” for most people will only cause frustration.

Now, if you answered “b” you are right too, this is what other group of people do, they learn a language in small chunks, for 6 or 10 year, so the rate of people who really reach their goals is 1 out of 10, or better saying 1o%.

Now if you answered “d” keep going and ignore this person he is a fu****g ars***e, and believes he is a kind of God, that inherited the gift of languages during Pentecostes described in the Christian Bible (book of Acts), or was a survivor of the legend of Babel Tower. Ignore him/her.Oops I was talking about sports, but you got what I meant, LOL.

Now, the really best right answer is letter “c”,  you can try shortcuts, but you will fail, no matter what you do. To be a good athlete, you have to dedicate hours and hours. There are tips and tricks to make it more pleasant, but no magic formulas. To get the best of your body you have to train it to put out the best results, the muscles will suffer at the beginning, but once they get used you will be able to go further and further.

With languages is the same, you have to train your brain (like a muscle), it will suffer and ask you to stop, if you listen to it, you will fail. For this reason you HAVE TO find out a good motivation, as an athlete for the Olympic games. What is your real motivation? What will take you to the highest motivational level?

If you haven’t figure out the answer yet… listen to our previous podcasts, follow the Olympic Games, or even better what are the athletes doing at this very moment for that moment.

Good luck, keep in touch and best wishes,

Jimmy Mello