Marlon & Anikó from Brazil and Hungary to the world!

imageAnikó and Marlon Couto Ribeiro is an international couple: she is Hungarian and he is Brazilian, they live in a quiet and nice town in Poland where they share with people strategies and techniques to learn any language. They are very talented, but are aware that there is no magic behind languages, but a lot of effort and good approach. During this nice interview we discussed about a lot of things like:

  • their experience in learning languages;
  • some strategies they teach in their workshops;
  • some key factor to learn and keep a language;
  • and much more.

You can can get in touch with them thru Anikó’s blog and their YouTube channel ” Beyond Words – Więcej niż Słówka”

You can know more about the Workshops they deliver with Konrad and get Marlon and Konrad’s books at

Yes, you can!

Yes, you can!