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(Spanish) Khady Ndoye – “La Polyglotte” defending the african Languages 


Jimmy Mello & Khady Ndoye

She was born near Paris, France … but by the time she was 8, she dreamed of exploring the world. At 15, her adventurous mood took her to Senegal where her parents were originally from. Two years later,she jumped onto a plane and flew to Spain to master Spanish. By virtue of learning it first in grade 9, it took her only 4 intensive months to master the language. Since then, she was convinced that she had a passion for learning languages and communicating with people.


African Languages Online: Successful Dissemination via the Web

LaPolyglotte-African-Languages-Profile-PictureA Frenchwoman by birth, Khady is also fluent in Wolof after being born to an immigrant Senegalese family and traveling to her ancestral African homeland. In this talk, to be delivered mostly in French, Khady will merge her passions for languages with her professional expertise as a digital marketer, showing how search-engine optimization (SEO) can help African language learners gain access to more effective resources and information online.

You can get in touch with Khadi via http://lapolyglotte.com/en/