(Spanish) Carole Westercamp – The Dutch Hyperpolyglot – Special Series: Polyglot Conference Presenters



Jimmy Mello & Carole Westerkamp

Special Edition – Polyglot Conference Presenters

In the next weeks My Polyglot Podcast will present the speakers of the Polyglot Conference that took part in New York City, organized by our guests Richard Simcott and Alex Rawlings.
To start, I had the pleasure to present Carole Westerkamp one of the best polyglots I have ever met, she treats the language learning process as a natural thing, and her skills in different languages are amazing. This interview was recorded before the conference, in Amsterdam, when Carol took Sergio Rodrigues and I (Jimmy Mello) to know her nice country.  

Mastering the Language of Influence: Words That Change Minds

contentCarole_Westerkamp_2Have you ever met people with limiting beliefs such as “I am no good at languages,” “It is too difficult for me,” etc.? Or are you one of them? How would you like to be able to change yourself and others? Join Carole, an experienced language teacher and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trainer, and you will learn a new language: the language of influence.
You can contact Carole thru her website: http://www.efficient-c.nl
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Yes, you can!

Yes, you can!