Roberto Salazar from Colombia to the world

"La condition postmoderne"

“La condition postmoderne”

Roberto Salazar is one of those great and humble polyglots, he is not an enthusiast, he is a professional and gifted learners.This week’s episode he told us about his background and also described in greater details how he learns languages in general.

We have also spoken about his experience being the Latin voice, for the new Assimil course.

Roberto is specialised on Latin and Ancient Greek, during our informal talk we discussed about the advantages of learning these ancient languages.



During this Episode among other interesting things we discussed about:

  • How Roberto got into language learning;
  • How he became interested in Latin and Ancient Greek;
  • Is Latin a Romance language?
  • Why Latin isn’t quite dead;
  • What kind of materials and resources he uses
  • During this interview I asked him some questions and she got a short dialogue in Latin
  • And much, much more.

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