Jimmy Mello – The Brazilian Polyglot from Host to interviewee


Patrick Lencastre and Jimmy Mello

Jimmy Mello is fluent in several languages and language teacher well trained in different teaching methods. He has completely developed a course that really works. This new version has retained the same grammatical and language content that has made this the most widely sold course on the language market. Twelve levels are available to lead you to mastery of English (ESL), Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish and other languages. He is an active member in the polyglot community trying to be as close as possible of people, trying to inspire each one to learn a new language and change their lives. He is always very enthusiastic about new projects and ideas. Nowadays besides running a language school in Brazil HQ of Mello Method, he is the main host and interviewer of My Polyglot group, he is the editor of the New Polyglot Project, he was the first Brazilian to take part in the Polyglot Workshops with Richard Simcott and Alex Rawlings. And for the upcoming year, more and more projects will be reveled.

During this interview (recorded just after the Polyglot Workshops) Patrick and Jimmy discussed about:

  • Jimmy’s stories and backgroud;
  • His ideas about learning and teaching foreing languages;
  • The challenges of being a polyglot, dealing with motivation and personal issues;
  • How to improve your skills;
  • and much, much more.

– You can get in touch with Jimmy Mello, through his website www.mellomethod.com and add him as a friend on Facebook.com/jimmymelloreal.

– Patrick has a blog that is www.workout4brain.com where periodically he writes about language related articles.

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