Johan, the man behind Français Authentique

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JohanThis week we have the pleasure to receive Johan, he is the creator and the host of Français Authentique, Course and podcast.

Let’s him tell you his Story: “Now I will tell you my story.
How did I get the idea to create authentic French? Meeting people who understand French but can not speak it.In March 2007 Céline, my wife, and I left France to move to Linz, Austria. The first weeks were difficult: we had no family nearby, friends, we live in the hotel and especially we did not speak German.
It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life for three reasons:
The first is that it has helped us develop our independence.
The second is that it enabled us to discover another culture and travel a lot.
The third is that living in a foreign country has opened my eyes to a lot of people that have a worldwide problem.
The problem is that there are millions of people worldwide who understand written French, sometimes even spoken French but who can not communicate. They are unable to speak without stress. To speak French automatically and effortlessly.”

johan_bigSo this is the man behind Français Authentique, during this awesome interview, we discussed a lot about:

-Language learning strategies;

-His theories behind his amazing course;

-How to better use his course;

-How he learn other languages;

-And much more.

You can get in touch with Johan thru:

-His pan-page on facebook: Français Authentique

-his official website:

-Or looking for “Français Authentique” on iTunes (for free)

The most challenging challenge on the internet.

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Yes, you can!