Polyglot Radio (New Project)

jimmy_photosThis is a new program, it is supposed to be every Tuesday, but this is an special edition as it is a pilot one. It’s a sort of complementary episode for My Polyglot interviews, that is a kind of radio with entertainment, news from the polyglot community, good “gossips”, news and reviews about books and programs, fragments of live events, musics in different languages, tips and tricks, question & answers, games like “Guess the language, quick interview:
-and much much more.
This first one will be in English, but I want to focus on English and Spanish as the are the most common languages among us, but the interviews on thursday will continue multilingual, from English to Dutch, including Catalan and French.

I tried my best doing this Pilot Episode, I didn’t edit it, so it is as it was done, constructive critics are also welcome. If you have any question about learning and teaching you can leave it on our fan-page facebok.com/mypolyglot


-Tips and tricks;

-Question & Answers;

-Guess the languages;

-Quick interviews

-and much much more.