Konrad Jerzak – The greatest Polish Polyglot

konrad_pequeno Konrad Jerzak is a Polish polyglot, I have known him through a common friend Paweł Koperek, and after this I discovered a great, if not the greatest polyglot I’ve ever met. He is a humble person that dedicates his life to learn languages. His daughters are also getting into this amazing world, they produced my favourite video on youtube: The polyglot Family (link bellow).

sekrety-przod-malaBesides being a polyglot he is a writer, and is is really open to revel his secrets to the whole world, either thru his workshop called Sekrety Poliglotów and the book with the same name. He has a fantastic list of languages, which includes: English, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Esperanto, etc.



During this amazing interview we discussed a lot of things, among them:

-Tips to deal with Polish people;

-What sort of material should you use;

-Understanding the process of learning a language;

-Study by words or sentences?;

-How to educate a multilingual child;

-Know the story of Sekrety Poliglotów;

-and much, much, much more.

To contact Konrad Jerzak:

-His main website: http://www.sekretypoliglotow.pl (in Polish)

-The video of the Polyglot Family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mne0wyrub6U&feature=youtu.be

-Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sekretypoliglotowpl

-Shop to purchase: http://www.sekretypoliglotow.pl/sklep/