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lindsay_blogAllow me to introduce the best and the mot enthusiastic blogger I have ever met. She is Lindsay and she does languages. Not in a Debbie Does Dallas kind of way. More in the sense that she learns, teaches, blogs, vlogs, eats, sleeps, breathee everything language.

Now Lindsay by Lindsay : “Way back in primary school I went to French club. It was fun and I guess I learnt stuff but the main reason I remember going when I think back now was because we were given croissants and orange juice at the end of term. Miam miam.

Languages were never really a thing for me until I decided to take Spanish at GCSE. Since then, it’s been a growing passion that has led to me making languages my business.

Lindsay Does Languages was born in 2012 as a local company in the heart of little old England offering private language tuition. I taught individuals, then groups, then corporate groups, then school groups, until finally, I found my niche teaching online via Skype.

But that’s not enough! For me, a big part of my job is inspiring others to teach themselves languages. Whether that be in a lesson with me when I’m in your home, a class on Skype when I’m in my home, or a blog or video you enjoy when I’m doing absolutely anything miles from you, I want you to know that it’s possible for you to learn a language. Go team! So stay a while, put your feet up, take a look around, enjoy.” (font: Lindsaydoeslanguages Website):

On this episode we are going to talk about:

  • teaching/learning styles;
  • her techniques and language projects;
  • how she learns a language (Step-by-step);
  • how she teaches her students;
  • we discussed about why every polyglot is interviewed only in English;
  • and much, much more.

You can get in touch with Lindsay:

Thru her blog: 

Or learn from her English, Spanish and French on:

Yes, you can!

Yes, you can!