Patrick Lencastre interviews Katja from Deutsch für euch

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Katja from Deutsch für euch

Katja is the person behind the wonderful Deutsch für euch. This German lady made a channel that works like an alternative for the traditional methods of learning.

She teaches Deutsch in english with a lot of videos divided by theme.
Like she says, the point is to make the studying them less dry. She is always avaiable to talk with the students and make German easier for everyone.
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The Polyglot Patrick Lencastre


I grow up in a monolingual family in Brazil trying to learn english in traditional courses for 6 years without success.

At the same time, I had spanish classes at school and I learn nothing.
One day I had an insight and understod that language is a living thing that can’t be learned from books, you need to make a living connection with the culture and people, so the language will come to you naturally and funny.
So I start to study in a different way one year ago.
Now I can speak English and Spanish like I couldn’t for years. I reach good levels in German and Russian too, now I am going to Japanese and others languages that I love so much. Like Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese. (I defnitly disagree with: don’t study many languages at the same time).
Now I am just living a dream.
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During this interview in German, they talked about:
* How to learn German.
* The best methods to imcrease vocabulary
* The hard parts of German
* About the culture in Germany
* How to deal with grammar
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