An American 18 years-old Polyglot


According to him this pic “captures my personality”

Angelo DeLeo, is an American 18 year-old (soon to be 19 year-old) who grew up in a small suburban area outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and went to a Jesuit high school where he began to learn Latin which sparked his interest in foreign languages. He chose Italian because of the age-old tradition of La Festa dei Ceri in his town which was brought over from Gubbio, Italy. Within those last 4 years of high school He has studied Latin, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese. He will be going to attend a university in Washington D.C. and hope to be a translator or interpreter as well as a speaker on foreign language acquisition. Languages that he plans to learn in the future include Hebrew, Farsi, Japanese, Portuguese, Irish Gaelic, Dutch, and Swedish. He uses textbooks and other methods of self-study to learn foreign languages. He practices with native speakers who he feels know their own language to a high degree, usually finding them on our partner app HelloTalk.

During this interview (in italian) we talked about:

-Reasons to learn a language;

-Strategies and resources;

-Family inheritance as motivator;

-How he learnt Russian and overcame the problem with declensions;

-How the languages can be a door to the world;

-How is his strategy to master any language;

-and much, much, much more.

You can get in touch with Angelo thru his

The most challenging challenge on the internet.

The most challenging challenge on the internet.