Jorn van Schaik – Teacher and Polyglot speaking Italian

jornToday’s interview is with Jorn, he hailed from the small country of the Netherlands, but he has spent a fair amount of time abroad. He’s a recent university graduate who has decided to travel the world, and teach and learn more about language and culture in various places.This means he has become a polyglot by now and he can speak around 10 languages well and get by in a fair few more.

Here I found a very good description about himself: “Who am I, to foist all this writing upon you like the gentle soul I am? I am Jorn, recently obtained the ripe old age of a quarter century, and I’m an aspiring traveller, science communicator by degree, language enthusiast, nerd and amateur rock musician who is going to share insights on all of these topics. Maybe they’ll be interesting; maybe they won’t, but I sure as hell want to share them with you here and you are welcome to stay on this page for continued reading – if you’re ready to follow my thoughts on Ender’s Game in Romanian, of course.” (Source:

During this interview we talked in Italian about:

-How he learnt such a long list of languages;

-How he learns a language, i.e. the “correct” order;

-Does he use language books? Has he already finished any of them;

-He is a traveller, does he learn a language after or before traveling?

-And much, much more.

How to contact Jorn:

He teaches in-person and online on iTalki:

You can also find him on his blog at, where he writes about his opinions and experiences in over ten languages, and he is also on twitter as @jornvanschaik and Facebook as well.

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The most challenging challenge on the internet.