Richard Simcott – A polyglot from Chester and a life-long language learner speaking Portuguese


Richard Simcott & Jimmy Mello (in an Intro course of Macedonian)

“Ti parlo in tutte le lingue del mondo”

He has over a decade’s worth of professional experience using languages with a plethora of clients.  As part of this work he offers his language expertise on multi-lingual and multi-national projects as a language consultant. He has also taught a number of languages to people across the globe at various ages, from infants to seniors.Richard is the Head of Languages at Emoderation and Polpeo. He has worked with languages in various roles from business roles to work in diplomacy. He was given the title “Ambassador for Multilingualism” by Goethe Institute and has appeared in new articles, social media channels as well as on TV because of his language skills. He has taught and spoken about languages throughout his career at various events around the world. Richard is currently raising a multilingual child.


During this interview in Portuguese we talked about:

-When and why Richard started learning languages;

-Many personal details never before revealed;

-How he learns a language;

-How he maintains multiple languages;

-How will be the Polyglot Workshops in Brazil;

-And much, much, much more.

richard_sozinhoHow to get in touch with Richard Simcott:

-He runs the Polyglot Workshops with Alex Rawlings

-He is the head of Polyglot Conference: 

-He has a traditional blog:

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The most challenging challenge on the internet.