Olly Richards Speaking Portuguese

Olly Richards

Olly Richards

Maybe you have already heard, read or even watched about this fantastic Polyglot, his name’s Olly Richards. He is the founder of “I Will Teach You A Language” website and Podcast. He speaks 8 languages. Yes, 8 (eight) languages. On this episode he will share with us what he knows about how to speak a foreign language fluently, and how not to be confused about doing it. He knows what it’s like to have that passion to learn languages, and he also knows how hard this can be.


On this episode (in Portuguese), btw, this is the first time Olly Richards gives an interview in Portuguese, we will discover:

– Olly’s journeys and background, 

-Where did the name “iwillteachyoualanguage” come from?

-How to get a motivation to learn a language;

-Study before traveling or travel before studying;

-Is it important to have a routine?;

-Short term goals or long term goals;

-Study by yourself, teacher or free conversation?

-Should I study from a book?

-and much, much more.

Olly runs a fantastic website called “I Will Teach You A Language”: http://www.iwillteachyoualanguage.com

He is also the host of a twice a week podcast with the same name: http://www.iwillteachyoualanguage.com/category/podcast/

Soon you will find a new and exciting Language Challenge:

The most challenging challenge on the internet.

The most challenging challenge on the internet.