Sérgio Rodrigues – Brazilian Language teacher speaking Spanish


Jimmy Mello and Sérgio Rodrigues

Sérgio Rodrigues is a language teacher from Brazil, and is in the polyglot way, learning English(C2), Spanish (C1 level) Italian, French, Polish, German. He has been my support for quite a long time with Mello Method. He runs one of the licensed Mello Method Schools in Brazil, and from his experience and deep knowledge about education, he has helped me a lot to get the current versions of Mello Method. This interview was in a very informal style, and entirely in Spanish:

In this interview we talked about:

-Language learning in general;

-He gave us precious pieces of advice about learning and studying (by yourself, in a school, and online);

-We discussed about the different approaches when we are learning a language and how to get the best results either teaching yourself or attending to a language school;

-We discussed about about some popular materials that are nowadays available on the market, like Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, Assimil and for sure Mello Method and his experience using it to teach in his own school and on italki.

How to get in touch with him?

Sérgio runs his own language school called Emphasis Idiomas:  http://www.emphasisidiomas.com.br

-He is a professional teacher at Italkihttp://www.italki.com/teacher/1415827

-He is an official online teacher at Mello Method Online: http://mellomethod.com/online/teacher-sergio-rodrigues/

-And you can find him on facebook https://www.facebook.com/sergio.rodrigues.75033?fref=ts

Some questions about the My Polyglot (Credits to Olly Richards from www.iwillteachyoualanguage.com)

What’s the aim of the podcast? 

 1- To inspire different people from different countries, in different languages;

2 – Give an opportunity for the polyglots to speak a language other than English, we always complain that in country X or Y, people do not want to practice with us, now you will have this possibilities (Dutch people are welcome to interview ;-)) .

3- Serve as a source of easy listening for beginners, or those who only want to review and train the listening.

If every episode is in a different language, who will be the audience?

The audience are polyglots in general, language learners, and people from different countries that want to be a polyglot or even learn their first language, and when I say every episode in a different language this means the most common ones. 

Your feedback is always welcome! You can download the episode for free here in the website and on iTunes.